Inle Lake Hike

The second day we spent in Nwangshwe Caitlin was feeling quite sick. We now think she got the flu somewhere along the travels. None the less she wasn’t up for the hike we had planned for the day but she insisted that I head out without her. I was reluctant do so, however she insisted, saying that I would get bored sitting around all day.
The hike turned out to be pretty, not quite what I had expected but nice none the less. The guide was friendly and was constantly asking my questions about the US or about how to say things in English. I learned all sorts of details about him, one of the most interesting was that his grandparents had tattooed him when he was young as a form of religious protection. 
The hike took us to a small village at the top of one of the mountains. At the village the guide took me into one of his friends father’s house and made lunch. The house raised up on stilts. As I was eating lunch three small boys came out and stared at me. I offered them some of my extra desert but they were either nervous or had been told not to talk to the foreigners. Either way it took a little bit of coxing until the youngest one stepped forward an grabbed a couple of cookies for himself and his brothers or friends. Either way they slowly warmed up as I showed them my camera and showed them how to take pictures. They got such a kick out of seeing each other on the camera. This was probably my highlight of the hike. 
I finished up the hike all down hill continuing to take in the sites and learn a little bit about Myanmar.

The trees that supply the leaves to roll the cigars with. Its not tobacco, but I cannot remember the actually name. The plants themselves were interesting as they all grew in a V shape and had a few leaves at the top.

Sugar Cane.

My guide.

The hangings on the wall. The man to the right is Aung San Suu Kyi, who was a hero in his own right apparently.

My lunch, I felt that I was way over fed and yet they continued telling me to eat.

Mid hike.
The three kids who were nervous to take the cookies I had. They livened up as I gave them a chance to take pictures.

One of their photos.

They got a kick out of seeing themselves on the camera screen. This little guy was the one they kept coxing into grabbing snacks.

One of the shy ones.

Helping them take pictures of each other.

Hiking down from lunch. Got a good view of Inle Lake.
The trail had poinsettias all along it. Bigger than I had ever seen one.

An awesome tree.

My guide took this one. He was also interested in taking pictures.
The flowers of a tree, my guide said he didn’t know what it was called in English as it had no importance. By which he meant that it did not provide any food source.

The red dirt trails that I had hoped to come upon, I saw at the very end. Not nearly as red as I thought they would be.

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