10k DMZ Run

Last weekend I ran the 10k DMZ race. While I don’t have a great track record of training for races I signed up for, this one I did a little bit better I managed to run 5k a few times before hand. So the night before the race I took it easy and went to bed at a decent hour as I had to be at school to catch the bus at 5am. I couldn’t just try to run to the start of this one like my last 10km race. A friend of ours had organized to have the race provide a bus for the SIS teachers as there was a large number of going. This made it a lot easier to get there and I was able to pass out once on the bus. While the bus was a nice bonus from the race we also got some unusual swag from the race. Prior to the race we were given a 3 kilo bag of rice along with a book that contained a map, directions for giving CPR along with a lot of other information I couldn’t read or decipher from the pictures, I’m sure there was something in there about land mine injuries. But I kid you not it is about 50 pages of literature. After the race we also received a medal and a 6 pack of energy drinks that taste like a prune run through a camel’s ass, don’t worry I’m saving those for guests who don’t believe my metaphor. However back to the race.
We got to the DMZ and had a chance to wander around and look at the other groups. There were a lot of Korean military there to run in the race and a handful of foreigners aside from us. After wandering around we found ourselves in front of a stage were Ms. Korea came out on to with some other beauty contestants and danced to Gangnam style. They were then followed by a very energetic lady that led everyone in a short aerobics class. I wasn’t fully sure of the point as we were about to run 10k but maybe it is an effective way of warming up. It was about this time that I had to head to the starting area for the 10k.
We all lined up at the starting line and then a man led every one in a fight chant which was then followed by fireworks being fired off to signal the start of the 10k race. I wondered if I was really running a race or if we were going to try to storm North Korea. But like every race I’ve run I stopped thinking and started running. The race was similar to others, the countryside we ran through was very pretty. It was all yellow and looked to be rice or wheat fields. I would like to go back to the area and wander around with more time to see some of the sites. After the fact our friend Shanna said that she had been up here on a tour and had been told that it used to be controlled by North Korea and one of the buildings we went by had been used as a prison.
I managed to finish the race in 47:54 which achieved my goal of finishing in under 50min. but I feel like I could have done better. But regardless of my time there was bibimbap that was being served up. They were cooking rice in a pot the size of a hot tub and literally shoveling it out, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t get a picture of this. After lunch we headed back to Seoul. All in all it was a nice trip out of the city and a chance to get some exercise and fresh air.

Thanks to Roger Gribbins who took the pictures on race day.
I don’t know why the outfit but I had to get a picture with this guy. Way more enthusiastic than me at 7am.
Us in front of DMZ Disney. I hadn’t realized they had ventured to the DMZ post Disney Tokyo.
Rice, Medal, Energy drinks, all the makings of a good race.

One thought on “10k DMZ Run

  1. I am one of those visitors that would taste the energy drinks, not because I don't believe you, but just to see how bad they are. I liked that you sported the Quito shirt and saved yourself a few extra Ks with the bus.


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