The Trash Dresser

Our apartment was furnished when we got here, but it was definitely lacking some drawer space. We tried the stack your clothes in a bookcase route and quickly found out that one of Olive’s favorite activities includes digging through the piles and throwing all the clean clothes on the floor. We also found that Frijol thinks sleeping (and shedding) amidst the clean clothes is a perfect afternoon activity.
After a few months of furry clothes, we were pretty excited when our friend Mary noticed some dressers that had been put out in the trash a few blocks from our house. We explained a little about the how trash works here in Korea before, but basically you have to pay for things to be taken away. That means that neighbors are always happy when you mooch their trash because then they don’t have to pay to get rid of it!
One of the dressers we found had plain white drawers so I decided to jazz them up a little. Here is our new and improved trash dresser:

Trash Dresser


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