Pho Real

Pho is a traditional noodle soup that is typically eaten for breakfast in Hanoi. The soup is a tasty broth with noodles and either chicken or beef mixed in. Our cooking instructor explained that breakfast is a social meal. Lunch and dinner are traditionally eaten at home, but breakfast is nearly always on the street. People usually go out for breakfast in order to chat with neighbors and friends. She also explained that Pho hasn’t always been a very common breakfast food in Vietnam, but that this tradition has developed in more recent years.
Alex managed to eat Pho a whopping 8 times during our 7 day stay in Vietnam. In case you feel like the math doesn’t add up, you’re right. He threw in a few lunch and dinner Phos as well.
Although I didn’t eat nearly as much Pho as Alex, I have to agree with his sentiments that the soup is pretty amazing. And the next time I have a nasty cold, I would definitely pick Pho with chicken over Campbells!



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