Hike Up Mount Ansan

After checking out the temple, we continued on up Mount Ansan. It was a short climb (maybe an hour with plenty of lolly-gagging on the way) and we got to enjoy some fun stops and amazing views.
Many of the parks and trails in Korea have work-out equipment in them.  We took some time to check out the different machines and try to figure out how to use them.  
This one seemed to be some sort of arm stretching device.

Not pictured here, but we were joined in the messing with the work-out equipment fun by a group of dancers/singers visiting from the Philippines.  They were also having a good time trying all of the different machines.
This view was right before we got to the lookout area on top of the mountain.

Attempting to position ourselves so the safety railing isn’t visible in the photo…

There we go!

Seoul is huge and looking out over the city is impressive no matter where you are, but I love that the buildings are in small valleys in between mountains like these.

Remember when we posted about Gyeongbokgung Palace?
There it is!

Everybody but me.  A nice guy took a picture of all of us, but unfortunately I blinked in it!


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