Angora Lakes

As our summer continues with our craziness of travel and to do lists that seem to multiply like a hydra we took a break for the 4th of July. We went to Tahoe to hang out with family and relax. The first day we had in Tahoe we hiked up to Angora Lakes, two mountain lakes that had wonderful colors and were extremely cold. At the second of these lakes we had the chance to rent a stand up paddle board and drink lemonade. We took advantage of both of these things and had a relaxing day of hanging out around the lake and taking turns on the board. Definitely a welcome change from running around. The scenery was amazing and the company was great. As it was the fourth we couldn’t spend all the time at just one lake, so we headed back to the condo, got ready and headed to lake Tahoe to see the fireworks. All in all a wonderful 4th of July.
Playing around with the camera taking pictures.
Tommy skipping rocks.
Arriving at the second lake.
Enjoying a pitcher of lemonade and a conversation.
Had to include this, as proof that mom was there. Always elusive, endemic, no flash.
Taking the paddle board out.

Sara and Caitlin.
Mom cruising across the lake.

Tommy working towards his career as a gondolier

Sara already a pro.

Sara with an awesome backdrop.

Tommy testing the waters.

Getting ready for the fireworks.
The fireworks.

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