Did we tell you that we brought “some” wine back from Mendoza over spring break?

Please disregard the cat on the table
We decided we needed one bottle for each week that we had left of school (roughly 8 weeks at the time), but 8 bottles is hard to fit in a hiking backpack so we bought a shipping box filled with styrofoam. Much to our dismay (yea right) this box fit 12 bottles so we had to buy 4 extras! We are down to 3 bottles in the cabinet which means we are getting close to coming home!

2 thoughts on “Vino

  1. It has definitely given us some insight into the differences in our personalities. I was always that kid who was eating my Halloween candy on Easter, while Alex gobbled all his favorites down that very night. I think he would have been happy to drink all of the extra bottles of wine right away, but I've been rationing them carefully. 😉


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