Hike to Papallacta

Trying to catch up on blogging. As the end of our stay in Ecuador is fast approaching we have been taking trip after trip to maximize time with friends and see things that we haven’t seen here in Ecuador or do things we really enjoyed before. Last weekend we along with many of our coworkers rented out cabins in Papallacta. We’ve been to these hot springs before, but have enjoyed them every time we thought why not do it again. In the past we have hiked to Papallacta and a group of the teachers were looking to go one more time, we figured why not. The hike went better than the first when we got lost but did not have the awesome views as the previous hike. Needless to say the terrain with its many lakes and cool looking vegetation was worth one more romp through the parmo. So I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
Caitlin and Erin hiking.
Everyone who went hiking minus Caitlin as she was taking the picture.
In front of one of the lakes.
The group hiking on the trail.

Caitlin and Watkins being a creeper.

One part I left out. This was when we took a small snack break that led to us arguing over which half of the group was better, based on what side of the road we were sitting on. This quickly turned into a bet of who could run the last part of the hike faster. We followed cross -country scoring rules and put a beer on it. Unfortunately the side pictured were the winners.


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