Kitten story of the week: Stupid Cats

So usually Caitlin puts up blog posts of how cute the kittens are. But she often glosses over their stupidity and if she mentions it at all it is in regards to Frijol. Well Olive is none too bright either. On Friday when we were having our pork extravaganza the cats were out on the porch, when I looked over I saw that both cats were taking turns at batting a scorpion on the porch. We aren’t talking about a little baby scorpion either it was about an inch and a half to 2 inches long. We quickly tried to pull them away. Frijol allowed himself to be pulled away but then Olive wiggled back towards the scorpion, to the point where she was on top of it and it latched on to her belly. I hadn’t realized this at first until I tried to grab her and felt the insect. So I dropped her and let her get the thing off, which she did surprisingly without getting stung, then we grabbed her and proceeded to smash the scorpion with a chair leg. Olive immediately went over to it and tried to keep batting it.


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