Steak and Black Bean Enchiladas

Alex says that enchiladas as I know them are Gringo Mexican Food, but seeing as how I grew up in Wisconsin and did not take regular trips to eat delicious food made by my abuela and my tías in Mexico, sometimes I crave a little Gringo Mexican food so I made these enchiladas anyway (and he ate them and agreed that they were pretty good).
We marinated some flank steak overnight with this recipe I love from Pioneer Woman.
I then made enchilada sauce using some of the peppers I brought back from Mexico last fall.
After grilling up the steak, Alex was in charge of stuffing black beans, and steak into flour tortillas while I grated queso fresco to sprinkle on the top.
We ate these for dinner on Friday night and for lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Quito.

(ignore Alex’s closed eyes….it was very sunny out and this is the only picture I took)

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