Adventures in Egg Poaching

Until a few weeks ago, I had never poached an egg before. I had also never had eggs benedict or made hollandaise sauce. After seeing this recipe on one of my favorite cooking blogs, I decided it was high time I tried all of these things.
The chipotle hollandaise sauce was pretty easy. I followed the recipe I found here and substituted lime juice (it’s hard to find lemons here sometimes) and chipotle paste because having to wash the whole food processor for 1/2 tablespoon of puree is just ridiculous.
I then found a step by step guide to poaching eggs on Smitten Kitchen. Mine are not nearly as pretty as hers and for some reason the egg whites didn’t really want to stay near the yolks, but I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on the altitude because that’s what you do when you have cooking issues at 9,000 ft.
Either way, the eggs still tasted delicious atop a bed of bacon, avocado and english muffin.

One thing that is probably obvious to many, but not to me on a Saturday morning before I’ve had enough coffee is that you shouldn’t microwave hollandaise sauce to reheat it….duh…it’s made of eggs and therefore turns into chipotle crusty gelatinous egg mixture. Luckily, I only attempted that on the second serving (aka mine) so Alex saved the day by sharing his sauce with me.

One thought on “Adventures in Egg Poaching

  1. Looks tasty! With the direction this blog is headed you are going to need to rename it “Seoul Food” in a few months instead of any other clever play on your new location.


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