Getting Back into the Routine

After an amazing vacation, it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things. We spent the last two weeks sleeping in, relaxing, eating whenever we wanted and staying up late. The 5:45 alarm followed by a full day of work today was not an easy transition to say the least. Not so true though for Olive and Frijol. They always crack me up with their little routines and they immediately fell back into them after we got home last night. It was like they never even stopped doing these quirky little things, which makes me wonder what on earth they did while we were gone.
A typical evening/morning in the life of Olive and Frijol:
I go upstairs to get ready for bed and both cats bound up ahead of me where Olive proceeds to throw herself on the floor at the top of the stairs and wait for belly rubs while Frijol jumps onto the bathroom sink and waits for me to turn the water on so he can drink straight from the faucet.
After I turn off the water, Frijol loses interest and wanders off, but Olive hops up on the bed as I crawl in. She wants to play attack anything that moves under the covers so I wiggle my toes for a little while until she starts to wonder what Frijol is up to.
Alex comes to bed and within a few minutes both cats decide it is is the perfect time to bring any toys they can find upstairs to play with them in the bedroom.
I crawl out of bed to collect fake mice and shove them in the nightstand.
Both cats join us on the bed where they pin our legs down for the rest of the night.
The alarm goes off for school and I roll out of bed.
Frijol jumps off the bed and follows me to the bathroom, once again jumping on the sink and expecting me to turn on the faucet. Olive is lazy and keeps on sleeping.
As I shower, Frijol gets his fill of water and moves on to the Kleenex box where he munches on the edges of the tissue sticking out of the box.
He head butts me as I put in my contacts and then runs out of the bathroom when I open the door so he can jump right in the litter box (apparently all that water….)
Olive greats me as I exit the bathroom and throws herself on the end of the bed for belly rubs while I try to decide what to wear.
Frijol wanders back in and plants himself directly in front of the nightstand…and then starts to cry loudly and hysterically.
One of us opens the drawer to the nightstand and Frijol retrieves whichever mouse he can reach first and proceeds to tease Olive with it.
They both head downstairs when we do and have breakfast in the kitchen while we finish getting ready for school.
My guess is that once we leave for school, the rest of the routine involves napping in various places around the house for the rest of the day.
Now that’s a routine I could get used to!

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