Vocabulario-Se Hecho la Pera

Last Friday was senior skip day and the annual tradition (we seem to have a lot of those) includes the seniors cutting out giant pears and taping them all around the 12th grade classrooms. Each teacher gets one with funny sayings and there are several taunting the underclassman about being in school when they aren’t. Last year, I was very confused about why the theme revolved around pears, but never got around to asking. This year, the first thing I did on Friday morning was ask my 10th graders why on earth senior skip day involved pears! They explained that the idiom, “se hecho la pera” is equivalent to “playing hooky“.
On a related note, Alex’s pear said,
“Orale guey! Ecuador: 2 Mexico: 0 You’re not skipping class are you? Esquincle!”

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