Kitten Story of the Week

This was almost a video, or at least a picture.
Instead you get this story:
This morning I settled into the couch with all of my grad school work that I’ve been putting off during the week. In the middle of watching a lecture online, Olive decided to have an all out fight with her bed. Apparently the toy mouse kept trying to hide under it, in it, all around it. This then required hysterically attacking the bed and shoving it all around the living room.
As someone who is easily distracted while watching online lectures, I tried my best to ignore her. But after awhile, it occurred to me that I hadn’t put up many fun pictures/videos of her on the blog lately. I debated that getting up to get the video camera meant interrupting my lecture…was I just looking for an excuse to take a break? I had only been working for about 30 minutes, I couldn’t justify a break yet.
Finally, I realized either way, I wasn’t paying attention to the lecture anymore so I set the computer aside and started to get up to get the video camera. Which is exactly when I spilled my entire cup of coffee on me, the couch, and the computer.
The next 20 minutes were spent washing the couch, wiping off the computer (I hope the DVD drive isn’t soggy on the inside) and changing clothes. I then got the video camera out and settled back on the couch only to find both cats exhausted from watching me clean. They immediately crawled up on couch that wasn’t wet to take a nap.

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