Nom Nom Nom

This week’s cooking was pretty random…
It started off with Baked Potato Soup because our house guests from Paraguay had a bit of Ecua-tummy going on. It did not even occur to me to photograph the soup…whoops! But the mix of potatoes, onions, bacon, crusty bread and cheddar cheese is delicious! We have some leftovers so if I remember, I’ll take pics and post later this week.
Later in the week I made Butterscotch Chip Cupcakes for a friend’s birthday. They were a hit at the karaoke party and are suuuper easy to make. Yellow cake mix, butterscotch pudding, 2 eggs, and butterscotch chips. These are extremely fun in Ecuador since you can’t actually buy butterscotch pudding or butterscotch chips. I had guests bring these ingredients down from the States. The cupcakes are an extra special treat because they feel so “exotic” down here. I also completely forgot to photograph these…
But, starting yesterday, I remembered my plan to photograph more things that I cook!
Egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast on Saturday.
Beef and pepper sandwiches for lunch on Saturday.
Jalapeño Poppers wrapped in bacon

and Shrimp Salsa for a picnic on Sunday.
Most of my recipes this week were inspired by my dad (in the case of the egg and cheese sandwiches) or by the Pioneer Woman‘s cooking blog which makes me want to eat 10 meals a day instead of 3.

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