Aunt Kathy’s contribution to the blog:

Limiting favorite things to five was simply impossible, so I decided to mention one in each of five categories. Even restricting myself to five categories was problematic, and they’re not in any particular order.
Category 1: the boat, Estrella del Mar. I love boats, and this one was a real gem. Every spot was well planned, for example the towels were stored in a bin in the lounge seating. Foodstuffs were stored all over, including under the benches in the dining room and on the top deck above the bridge. The freezers were on the top deck, and the chef and cook were constantly passing stuff through the window of the galley.

Juan Carlos and Francisco in the kitchen:

Here’s Daniel on the bridge:

Bob ended up sharing the captain’s quarters. Adaptability was important!
Category 2: the landscape. I’d have loved to see Prince Phillip actually climb these stairs, named for him after his visit to the islands. Note my graceful climb. One misstep and you wipe out your brother (and yourself).
Alex took this photo:
We also sailed into several caldera, a great thrill.

Here’s the devil’s crown , aptly named!

And our gang, snorkeling through the strong current. This is close to where Luis moved the shark.

The sunsets were spectacular!

Category 3: The water. One of the big thrills for me was the wild ride to see the blowhole from the panga.

Category 4: The Not-So-Wildlife, including my 7th kind of penguin.

Category 5: The People.
Great crew, great company.
Our gang in the panga.

New Year’s Eve tradition: dolls stuffed with woodchips.

The crew burning the guys. Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Aunt Kathy’s contribution to the blog:

  1. Do you have pictures of the other 6 kinds of penguins?

    I think an all penguin post would be pretty cool!

    (the other) Kathy


  2. The're here somewhere- althought the Emperor was pretty obscure and I can't find the Macaroni (yep, that's a penguin). At least I finally gave up and bought a netbook this week so I could keep up with you electronic geniuses.


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