TidBit of the Day-Sin Cerveza

Sometimes it feels like things just keep getting weirder and weirder around here. The latest involves beer so you can imagine the trauma.
There are two major types of beer here in Ecuador (Club and Pilsener) and then a few less popular types (Bhrama and maybe some others that we have never bothered to drink) and some very expensive imports (Heineken). We found out yesterday that Club and Pilsener are going to stop making beer in Ecuador….immediately. It turns out that there has been some legal dispute between the Colombian company and after the Ecuadorian courts ruled against them this week they decided it wasn’t worth it to be here at all so they are moving production back to Colombia. Have we mentioned that import taxes here are ridiculously high and are even higher on alcoholic items? For example, a bottle of wine we bought in the duty free for $20 costs $38 at our local grocery store…
So how are we dealing? Alex ran straight to the tiendita yesterday after school to buy up as many beers as he possibly could. Rumors are that the entire country will be out of beer within 3 days…. We’ll start sending mayday messages as soon as we run out!

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