Recent trip to Mexico

As many of you know we recently had a long weekend. As the weekend was for a national holiday we thought why not leave the country and avoid the large crowds in all the tourist locals here in Ecuador. We decided to go to Mexico and see some family. It was a whirlwind weekend but definitely worth it. On the first day of being in Mexico City we decided to go site seeing, with our impressive tour guides Nina and Fernando. They took us to the Museum of Anthropology, after which we met up with Julieta and Maria Isabel for lunch and walking down Calle la Reforma to see all the Alebrijes. Some of you may remember the post of us last time we were in Mexico when we purchased one of these guys. This time we went to see the real deal and see the huge ones that are build and displayed for Dia de los Difuntos. Artesan groups or individual artists created these and then showed them off all up and down the street. The theme for these alebrijes was to incorporate the Mexican Independence and or Revolution to celebrate the bicentennial. So for your viewing pleasure I am putting up just a few of the many pictures we took.
The First of many alebrijes.
Had to stop to get a snack of chapulines.
Close up of the Chapulines (Grasshoppers).

Close up of the details on one of the alebrijes.

Nina and Maria Isabel.

Nina and Fernando. Thanks for showing us around town.


One thought on “Recent trip to Mexico

  1. So, I read this and thought I knew what chapolines were, then I thought, no Cait and Alex wouldn't eat those…Turns out my Spanish is up to snuff. No offense- but gross.


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