Happy Halloween!

Entertaining, funny, disturbing….things I observed on Friday during the Halloween celebration at school:

-several middle school boys dressed as members of the Jersey Shore cast.

-a slew of elementary school smurfs (do they even know who the smurfs are!?)

-a 12th grade boy in a maid costume (aka very short dress) wandering speaking in falsetto and dusting things.

-a handful of students in each class simply did not bring their backpack to school. It was a half day but we did still have four out of seven periods of class. What did they think we were going to do for four hours?

-an elementary school mother with her lapdog at the parade….the dog was dressed as Dracula.

-a crowd of angry parents shouting at the maintenance staff for not allowing them to use all the doors of the gym when they showed up late to watch the primary school parade.

-the random mother that came into my room looking for ¨pizarrones viejos¨…not sure why!?!

Entertaining to say the least…..

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