We are officially in love with our new Kindle!
In fact it is making it very hard to stay on top of my grad school homework this week because I may have accidentally started reading the third Stieg Larsson book on it!

The Kindle is great here because it is sometimes hard to find certain new releases in English, but with the Kindle we can simply download them from Amazon and be reading a few minutes later. This also works well because Alex is addicted to giant hardcover books that he likes to bring along whenever we travel. They usually end up in my bag and then I get grumpy. The Kindle is much smaller and he can fit as many hardcover books as he wants on it!

When I’m not distracted by Swedish mysteries, it also happens to be great for grad school too. I can put all my pdf articles on it instead of printing them out or reading them on the computer. I can zoom in to areas, add highlighting, and put notes in the text to refer to later.

We have also been sharing well so far! Alex read the first book, now it’s my turn, when I’m done he’ll get it back.

Yay for technology!


2 thoughts on “Kindlemania!

  1. In the beginning of this book Lisbeth Salander ends up in Sahlgrenska Hospital where I worked for 10 years, never saw her(just kidding). It's interesting that these books have been so popular outside of Sweden. We enjoyed them very much and have now started to read more “Mankell” and Håkan Nesser's book called “Mind's Eye”. Both Swedish authors.
    Liked the Bucky video you sent.


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