A Minnie Vacay

We leave for Minneapolis on Thursday morning!!!!
Our friends Brian and Cindy are getting married and we are thrilled for the excuse to take a few days off of work to head back to the States. This is the longest we have been away from home (it’s been 13 months) so we are excited for lots of things that we miss.
Just a few things I’m looking forward to:
Seeing Friends and Family–by sheer coincidence Alex’s mom has a conference in Minneapolis so she will be in town. My parents are driving up to see us. Lots of our friends will be in town for the wedding. Plus Ryan and Kim–our teaching friends from Honduras–just moved back to Minnie so we are hoping to see them too. We are even hoping to use our Miami layover on the way back to catch up with our friend Diana who just moved there!
Grocery Shopping–I have a list a mile long of sauces, spices, and things that are just plain cheaper in the States due to the crazy import taxes here.
Good Beer–Ecuador is a lot like Honduras…there is no dark beer here! We are looking forward to whatever microbrews we can get our hands on.
Getting Fingerprinted–Okay, maybe I’m not really looking forward to that so much as glad that I will be able to check it off my list of things to do to renew my teaching license since I can’t get fingerprinted here in Ecuador.
BW3s–we have a 5 hour layover in Miami on our way north and have already figured out that there is a BW3s at the mall near the airport. Thursday is boneless wing night…my favorite!!! I already know exactly what I want to order (6 boneless honey bbq, chips with cheese, and a dark beer…yummmmm).
Shopping Shopping Shopping–but don’t tell Alex. Good thing he pretty much never reads the blog anyway. I want new shoes, new sweaters, new pants, new jackets, a new dress, new everything! I have already mapquested the closest Target to our hotel and figured out all the stores I want to stop at in Mall of America. There’s also a Petco by our hotel…the kitties need new stuff too!
So basically, we are pretty damn excited!
As soon as I catch up on all the grad school homework I plan not to do over the weekend, I’ll plan to post stories/pics from our trip!

2 thoughts on “A Minnie Vacay

  1. I'm speechless, although why am I surprised you just got back from a fantastic 6 week vacation packed with tons of fun stuff, one weekend is like a walk in the park for you guys. Sorry I wont make it up with Mom and Dad its Tyrol's on the hill refresher weekend, I'm learning how to save lives, although its important I'd much rather be drinking dark beer with you. Get a hold of Austin if you've got time, he's still brewing his own up near the cities. Love you guys.


  2. Save room!! packages are raining down on Barton Road so you will need some space. Have a good time,we will be thinking of you.


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