Colca Canyon

Did you think that was it?!
Nope, still more summer travels to share, but with this past week being our first with students and the fact that my grad classes are now in full swing, I may have had a few other priorities besides the blog. That and the fact that I decided to procrastinate any and all grad homework this week by creating a 224 page photobook of our 2 years in Honduras. It’s currently being printed and should arrive at my parents’ house in about two weeks! Super exciting!
Anyway, now that I am more caught up with grad homework and finished with the photobook, I can get back to the end of July.
While in Arequipa, we took an overnight trip to Colca Canyon, supposedly the deepest canyon in the Americas. After seeing the canyon I would argue that it isn’t really a canyon and is instead a valley therefore it is not the deepest canyon in the Americas. I was expecting more like the canyons out west in the U.S. and this felt more like I was standing on a big hill next to another big hill with a very deep valley in between. Oh well, it was still pretty.
Apparently tour companies that go to the Colca Canyon are a bit of a joke. Or at least the one we signed up with. Because you are staying for a night, they arrange a hotel for you…or at least they are supposed to. Our tour company seemed to be having some problems with that, and problems with providing us lunch, and picking us up on time, and several other things. It made for quite the adventure and a lot of “making the best of it.”
Besides the not canyon aspect of the tour and the crappy tour in general, the trip was pretty fun. We got to see beautiful scenery, swim in some hot springs, watch traditional dancing, and awe over some condors. Check out the pictures:

Alex and Jesus both got to participate in the dancing while we had dinner. In fact, Jesus was pretty much the star of the show!

That’s a hawk on a string. And a very patient llama.

Lots of terracing in the “canyon”.

While I was waiting to photograph the condors soaring around I noticed a whole flock of these little dudes.

Condor….apparently a headless condor.


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