We Need a Cat Carrier

Oh the drama!
We are still attempting to get Olive spayed, a process that is extremely difficult due to her sickly self. Living with her in heat is also extremely difficult though so it’s worth the effort. At least I would have said that up until Tuesday.
Finally her blood levels were good enough and she had an appointment to get spayed on Tuesday so we got up a little bit early and planned to drop her off at the vet before heading to school.
The cab pulled up, we grabbed our bags, and Alex grabbed Olive by the scruff of her neck. And that is when things started to take a turn downhill.
Now I have had cats my whole life. I am perfectly aware that holding them by the scruff of their neck is acceptable, but it’s still hard to see! She looked upset and depressed and uncomfortable, and I insisted on taking her from Alex. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t.
Olive started to get nervous as soon as we stepped out of the house (she hates to leave the house) and by the time we got to the front gate she was trying to crawl out of my arms. Alex got the cab door open, I got inside and she absolutely flipped out.
She scratched her way out of my arms by way of my face and ran in circles around the backseat of the cab. On of her passes by, I grabbed her again and she took the opportunity to gain freedom again by attempting to eat my hand. I could see directly into her face as she took my entire thumb into her mouth and begin to chomp. It worked, I let go. Then she bolted out the cab door and headed back for the house.
The rest of the story I only know because Alex told me. At this point I was crying and bleeding all over the cab while the driver tried to tell me that cats are dangerous and that maybe we should just leave her at home.
Olive wanted back in the house, desperately, but the door was closed, so she began to scale the outside of the house. She used her claws to make her way up the cement facade until she was above the front door…and then she slipped…and fell off our stoop to the apartment below…nearly 2 stories in total.
At that point Alex was able to grab her and we headed to the vet.
Luckily we have an actual doctor who works at school so I headed to the enfermeria as soon as we got there and she thoroughly washed all my cuts and puncture wounds. By Wednesday afternoon my thumb and middle finger were bulbous and bright red and I had pain all the way up to my armpit. I stopped back into the enfermeria on Thursday to verify my fears…yup, infected. So now I’m on antibiotics and am learning how to function without the use of my left thumb (super difficult)!
I haven’t bothered to take any pictures of the wounds so you’re just going to have to use your imagination…my lip is purple, I have a gash on my right wrist, an infected puncture on my left middle finger, 5 giant holes on my left thumb, a scratch on my chest, several on my legs, and the day of, I had a scratch and a bump under my right eye.
So at least Olive’s spayed now right? Nope…too much trauma from the fall on Tuesday meant she was in no shape to have the surgery done so instead she spent the day at the vet getting observed and she has another appointment to go in next Tuesday.
You can bet I won’t insist on carrying her next time!

2 thoughts on “We Need a Cat Carrier

  1. Goodness Cait! That is drama! I didn't fully understand the extent of the whole thing when I talked to you the other day…yeesh!


  2. Just read this, I hope you're alright. My cat Anton bit me when I brought him from Sweden. He was at Karen's and her dog Lilly scared him. You've had some bad luck Caitlin!! Are you healed now? We are in Sweden now and will fly home tomorrow


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