How far from home are we?

Sometimes I feel like I might as well live on Mars….
I’ve been having issues renewing my teaching certification (have I mentioned this?)…it’s been an ongoing saga since approximately November of this year. I won’t go into details since this could then become a 20 page rant. The latest snafu?
I need to get fingerprinted.
This needs to be done on official FBI paperwork. I sent for such paperwork, had it mailed to a friend’s sister and brought to Ecuador.
I called the US Embassy to set up an appointment…they don’t have fingerprinting services…anymore. They did last year, but not now. Their suggestion? Fly home to get it done.
So I figured I could get it done at the police station here in Quito instead. Nope. They won’t fingerprint me because I’m not an Ecuadorian and therefore they have no way to verify that I am actually who I say I am because I am not already in the fingerprint system. Their suggestion? Fly home to get it done.
A $600 flight and several unpaid days from work so that I can fly home to get fingerprinted in order to renew my license?
I’ll be calling DPI tomorrow to find out what will happen if my license expires before I can renew it and I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I may be in the Chicago area next week…

5 thoughts on “How far from home are we?

  1. I'd hate to see DPI win on this one, but I'd love to see you in Madison. Or would you just have it done in Chicago and fly out again. I don't suppose DPI is offering to foot the flight bill?


  2. well what everybody in Madison is call your representative and senator and ask them to intervene. What a bunch of morons , then you wonder why people do not want to teach. Use the power of politics for a good deed/


  3. Update:
    Woman at DPI said it shouldn't be a problem if my license expires before I have a chance to renew it. Hoping to make it to Minnesota in September for a wedding and can get fingerprinted then.
    Plan B….hire a lawyer, go to the morgue and get fingerprinted here…something a teacher at another school here in Quito had to do a few months ago to renew her license. If I go through with Plan B, I will definitely post about what the excursion!


  4. Here you can have it done at the UPS store/ mailboxes etc. by a notary. Is there any chance that one of the American corporations in Quito has a notary who might be able to do it?



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