El Concierto de Aventura

I first started listening to Aventura when we moved to Honduras. They are known as the kings of bachata which you really need to see to understand so look it up on YouTube when you have a chance. When we were looking for songs for the first dance at our wedding last year, I really wanted to pick an Aventura song and learn to dance bachata, but when Alex forced me to actually listen to the song I liked, I realized it was about a cheating girlfriend…whoops!
When a friend told us Aventura was coming to Quito, we jumped at the chance to go to the concert. Turns out this was an excellent decision not only because the concert was fun, but also because it was at the stadium near our house and it was super loud and it would have kept us up anyway…better to be there enjoying it!
We got to the stadium early and found this crowd outside of it!
After several laps of confused wandering, we finally found the right line for the door we needed and proceeded to stand in line for almost two hours…good thing we got there early! This turned out to be perfect, because once we got into the stadium and elbowed our way into a good spot, Aventura came on stage about 10 minutes later.
We had a pretty good view and the sound system was excellent (to the dismay of all of our neighbors). We danced, attempted to sing along, got stepped on by a few drunk people, and overall had a great time!

I didn’t film the entire concert on my digital camera like the guy next to me, but I did get this clip of El Corazoncito, the song I had originally wanted for our first dance.

One thought on “El Concierto de Aventura

  1. It looks like a whole lot of fun. It also looks like everyone had a cell phone or camera taking pictures. wow.


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