I officially started my first semester of grad school last week!
Sometime in the not so far off future, I hope to have my Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. The program is entirely online which I figured fit me well since I am completely addicted to the internet anyway. Oh, and because I live too far away to drive to campus every day obviously!
At this point I am excited and also a bit panicked. It seems that after I graduated from UW, I quickly blocked out of my memory all the reading that is required for post-secondary degrees…and how slow I am at it. I am slowly beginning to create a routine where I work out after school and then come home and work on homework for several hours, except for Wednesdays when I have Spanish class for two hours instead. I am hoping that I get used to this quickly and that I can stay on top of everything as the semester progresses!
Part of the reason for telling you this is to warn you that I may not be quite as diligent with the blog as I was first semester of this year. I will do my best, but unfortunately posting random photos of the cats will have to take a backseat to learning about the ins and outs of the library world.
I am planning a post about the hike we went on last weekend and the Easter Island video is nearly finished so keep checking back for those in the next week!

One thought on “MLIS

  1. If you have any questions, I may know the answers…as I hope to graduate with my Masters in May! I agree, it is a lot of work. I tend to do the homework after school first, then the workout. Oh, and I spend much of the weekend working too- but I don't have the beautiful hiking and culture around me like you do!
    Good luck- and you'll be fine!


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