Santiago was both the first and last stop on our trip. We stayed there one night before heading to Easter Island and then again for three nights before making our way home. The city is huuuge, metropolitan, very clean, and has a lot to do. We barely hit the tip of the iceberg with our short time there especially since one of those days was New Year’s Day when practically everything was closed. Somehow I have barely any pictures of Santiago. Maybe because we were too busy wandering around to stop and take photos…. Here are a just a few of what I do have to give you an idea of what we saw:
Riding the subway.
The metro got us everywhere and was much cheaper and easier than any other form of transportation. There was a stop about 2 blocks from our hotel which made it super easy to get around.

Santiago has a very European feel.
This street also happened to be lines with rubber stamp stores….there was tons of them…how random!

We rode a small wooden tram up a hill to see the Virgin and to get this view of the city. It’s too bad there is so much smog in Santiago because it was an incredible view from up there!

I nearly confused this with our pictures from Notre Dame last summer, but nope, it’s a view of Santiago from the Virgin on the hill.

The plaza is filled with painters working and selling their pieces.
We got two paintings (our Christmas gifts to each other) and are currently having them stretched. I will take pictures and post those once they are up on the wall.


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