Mi Primer Arbol

Ok, obviously not my first tree ever, but my first real tree!
Growing up we always had a fake tree, it was just easier with the cats and made us feel like we weren’t killing a tree every year.
Down here, we headed to the local mega store to get our typical fake tree, but they were all sold out of the cheap one so the only ones we could find cost upwards of $130!!! Not exactly in our price range.
Instead we decided to go to Nayon and see if they had a potted tree that we could just keep alive all year round. Nope, but we did find a lady selling the trees off a little plot of land behind some garden stores. We trapsed through the tiny patch of trees (me in heals that I had worn to school…whoops) and picked out a pretty one for $15. Much more affordable!
It was pretty exciting walking through and picking out exactly the one I wanted and then having the guy chop it down. I see now why this is such a big tradition for some families. 🙂
We picked out some other plants, had them potted and then rented a truck to head home.
The cats were highly curious as they watched Alex and David set the tree up. We weren’t able to find an actual tree stand so instead it’s in a bucket with some rocks holding it up. The cats find this extra entertaining because they can dig around in the water and then attempt to climb the tree….double the fun!
I found a table cloth to double as a tree skirt and bought as many lights as Alex would allow (the more the better!!!). As we started to get out our ornaments we were amazed at how many we have accumulated. Buying one or two small things in each country we’ve visited has really added up!
There will be no gifts under the tree this year since we already opened everything when the family brought it down. It was a little mini-Christmas the day after Thanksgiving! And obviously we’ll have to take the tree down before we live for Chile or the cats will probably have dragged it around the entire house before we get back. But still, having it set up and all glittery makes it finally feel a bit like December here!
The boys setting up the tree

Frijole is very curious!

Last week was Fiestas de Quito so there we were graced with many rounds of fireworks over the city. It was like they were celebrating me decorating our tree!


5 thoughts on “Mi Primer Arbol

  1. I don't know you guys……it looks like one very marvelous holder for cat toys. I think you're in for some kitty mischief!




  2. Just read that UW-Madison is canceling classes tomorrow because of the snow. Apparently this hasn't happened since 1990! We have our fingers crossed that the snow will stick around until we are back in WI. Out here in California, we'll just have to enjoy our rain! We did have frost this AM (there was some snow but it was way over in the East Bay – especially on Mount Diablo).




  3. That tree is beautiful and you found the perfect place for it. I'm pretty certain the kitties will have a ball with everything there is about it to play with. Big kitty toy. I too loved the fireworks in the background. You have the best view!


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