Yesterday I went to Cotacachi and spent the night with a couple other teachers. The plan was to to climb Cotacachi today. Which we did somewhat successfully. We could not get to the top as it was a class 5 climb close to the peak and we did not have the gear or the experience to do it. None the less it was decently rigorous climb and it gave us a good view of the surrounding area. We also got a great view of guinea pig lake. Don’t ask me why it was called that it was neither shaped like a guinea pig nor did it have large herds of wild guinea pigs. Below are the pictures.

Guinea Pig lake. Cotacachi is the peak in the middle.

Me at Guinea Pig lake.
Caitlin liked this picture. She said it looks like you can see forever.
A little bit of snow. Normally this one would have a lot more snow but because of the lack of rain it had hardly any.
Picture of Cayambe blanketed by clouds.
Panoramic from halfway up the hike.

Cool orange plants that were pine like.

The clouds kept rolling in over us.

Another picture, that made it look like we were above the clouds.

Picture of Cayambe, no photoshop done on this one although it looks like it is floating above all the other mountains.
Cool Purple Flowers on Cotacachi.

One thought on “Cotacachi

  1. Magnificent pictures; the kind that totally fill your field of vision, then get trapped in a photo square. Glad you are enjoying the hiking.


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