Caña, Milcocha y Cuy…Oh My!

This past weekend in Baños, we did more than just adventure activities…we ate…a lot!!!
Here are a few things that were especially delicious or are especially common in Baños…

Baños is famous for its homemade taffy, called milcocha. It’s different than saltwater taffy, more like chewy, dense, cotton candy. Lots of the little stores along the main drag had giant hooks where guys were pulling the taffy. You could buy it right off the hook! This piece we shared was still warm and cost 25 cents.

We knew before we moved to Ecuador that guinea pig is a common food here. It kind of freaked me out that they still look so much like rodents while they cook them! We never found time to stop and have a taste over the weekend, but it is on the list for the future.

We found this little coffee shop that was delicious. It was rainy and cold so not only did I get this giant piece of chocolate cake, but I washed it down with some hot cocoa.

Caña…lots and lots of it!
Due to the fact that I thought my teeth would fall out of my head after the milcocha, we decided to save the sugar cane for another time. There were all sorts of stands near the bus station with these huge bundles. I couldn’t quite figure out why anyone would need so much of it, but maybe so you’d have extra for the ride home?

Alex’s traditional Ecuadorian lunch.
Those orangish patties are llapingachos, which are a lot like a potato pancake with a cheese filling. I learned to make them at a fellow teacher’s house last week (a different post for the very near future) so now that I know that Alex likes them I can try making them at home!

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