Vocabulario-Trasero vs. Tesoro

I frequently confuse words that seem to have nothing to do with each other. One such scenario are the words trasero and tesoro.
Trasero = Booty…as in the rear end kind
Tesoro = Booty…as in the pirate kind…or to directly translate: Treasure
Alex seems to think that these words have nothing in common, but besides my clever booty correlation, I also think they sound a bit alike. They practically rhyme and have a lot of the same letters!!

So now that you understand my confusion, the reason this has come up lately is that there are several daycare centers on the way to school with the word tesoro in the name. Imagine how the confused translation goes in my head when I read the sign for Mi Gigante Tesoro.


2 thoughts on “Vocabulario-Trasero vs. Tesoro

  1. Well in some cultures the booty (trasero)of somebody is a real booty (tesoro). So I assume that your link may not be that disjointed. But i also do not know what you are thinking when you keep exchanging the meaning. So the example that you gave Mi gigante tesoro. Do you mean the giant behind or a giant treasure?


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