Otavalo Purchases

We are working hard to make the home feel homey so yesterday we headed to Otavalo to purchase some household accessories to help in the process! Alex explains Otavalo a bit in the following post, but basically it has an incredible market full of all sorts of great stuff! We also went to two other towns near Otavalo that are known for leather and wood. It was an exhausting trip, but well worth the effort!


Our new Inca dude

I’ve gone a little scarf crazy!
In Honduras I started collecting earrings everywhere we went, but with only two ears and seven days per week, I decided to start something new. My latest school accessory is a scarf to go with my outfit! Here are a few that I have to choose from. 🙂
We also got this handy dandy wooden rack that will usually be used for jackets, but seemed like a nice way to display my scarves for this photo.

Alpaca blankets galore!
We got three, this one for the bed and two for the living room to cuddle up with in front of the fire. They are extremely warm and bright and colorful.

This is our new shoe rug…it will help us keep our shoes contained to one area of the first floor instead of all over the place…maybe…

The living room from above.
We’ve been in search of a rug to cozy up our wooden floor and found this pretty woven one at the market. We also got the blue blanket on the back of the futon and the red blanket that Olive is curled up in on the couch.
It’s all starting to feel much more like a home!


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