We Heart Roatan

Alright, I am waaay behind on posting! We have had such a busy last couple of weeks and since I want to do this in order that means we are going to start by rewinding to Nic’s visit.
Nic was Alex and Jesse’s roommate in college. He currently lives in Chicago and found great cheap flights down to see us at the beginning of May. It also just so happened that we had a three day weekend. So Nic came down and Alex, me, Jesse, and Jenna took him to La Ceiba for white water rafting and then out to Roatan for some quality beach time.
We stayed in a seedy hotel in Ceiba (but you can’t beat $4 a night each) and had a great time rafting. I was incredibly sore for a few days afterward, but that got me a rana on the workout chart at home so I suppose that makes it worth it. 🙂
Then we headed out to Roatan on a very rocky afternoon ferry. Since I learned my lesson last spring break, I took my dramamine before we got on the boat, plugged myself into my ipod and closed my eyes for an hour and a half while everyone around me noticed that I was an abnormally white color (even for a gringa). Luckily, 4 days on a tropical island will make up for just about any level of seasickness.
Most of our weekend was spent lounging around the beach and hanging out in the water. Alex and Jenna went diving a few times and several trips were made down the beach for snorkeling. We also rented mopeds one day and took a scenic route around the island to find some lunch. I was brilliant and did not bring my camera on that trip…whoops!
We were really glad that Nic was able to come visit, plus it gave us a great excuse to take a few much needed personal days from work and relax on the beach! Thanks Nic!

Drinkin’ bahama mamas and soakin’ in the sun.

One of the nights we were there, the restaurant at our hotel was having a fundraiser for an AIDS charity on Roatan. As a way to raise money they had this crab race. We bought three crabs and then hoped that they were the first to make it out of the circle drawn in the sand! No such luck…

Nic and Alex hanging out at the hotel.

Jesse, Nic and Alex enjoying beers and the sunset.

Jenna and I went home early while the boys headed out to find some fun….we found out the next morning that they had crashed a wedding! Apparently watching this beach wedding from the bar was too tough and they just had to get their groove on.

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