Influenza Porcina

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac on a normal basis so with a little bit of swine flu thrown in, whatever your wildest imagination of my overreactions is, it’s probably pretty accurate. Luckily, Alex is being very cool, calm and collected about the whole thing.
Besides Alex, another thing that has me a bit comforted about the situation is our plans for this weekend….a trip to the island of Roatan! As you’ve probably figured out from past posts, Roatan is one of my favorite places and I have myself mentally convinced that all that fresh beach air will be healthier than sticking around the city. Not to mention, if we got quarantined out there I wouldn’t be complaining too much…. So as long as all transport systems are still running we should be on the beach breathing fresh, salty air by Friday evening!

2 thoughts on “Influenza Porcina

  1. Hope you’re having a good time on Roatan! I agree with you that the fresh air will be very healthy. Make sure all those little kiddos at school wash their hands (I’ve heard they should do this for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice or the ABC song once.) We will be thinking about you.




  2. The whole hysteria of this is ridiculous. every year we have the flu in the whole world and only in US 36000 die every year. The press is so damaging when it get on ideaas how to sell more newspapers taht tehy can cause hysteria and destroy anything


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