This Semana Santa Caitlin and I went to Mexico to see family and do a little sight seeing. I also had an ulterior motive for going to Mexico and that would be the good food. Honduran food has something lacking for my taste that specifically being Chile and copious amounts of intense flavors. Needless to say I ate like I had never seen food before and am now feeling like a fatty boo balatey and am currently trying to diet so I can fit through the front door. But I felt like I should share some of the delicious food we had in Mexico. I unfortunately was too busy stuffing my face to take more than one set of pictures but none the less here they are. These took place in a restaurant in Morelia.

Dad and Vicente digging into the food. Apparently Seattle lacks some Chile too.
A Poblano chile relleno with Uchepo tamale, covered in crema and cheese.

Caitlin had chicken with Uchepo tamale in the middle, covered in a sauce made of black zapote and orange. With a side of Jicama and beat stripped salad. Also very delicious.


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