Pi Day in the Art Room

I’m not usually one to stereotype the differences between male and female in the art room, but the Pi Day activity in the art room led to such distinct differences that I have to share. Of course there were exceptions to these extremes, but what do you notice about the following photos?


5 thoughts on “Pi Day in the Art Room

  1. Why do the different groups have different colored t shirts? One group is red, another white, another green? Just curious.Kathy/mom


  2. Each homeroom was assigned a color to wear so that they would look more like a team. Except for the two groups of white, they are each different classes and are a mix of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.


  3. The assignment was for each class to split into 2 groups and create a Pi themed door decoration. They were given large butcher paper with the Pi symbol already drawn on it. I let them choose their own groups and they only had 10 minutes to do the whole thing! Almost every class just naturally split into boys and girls.As you can see from the pics the boys tended toward the let’s throw paint at the paper and make a huge mess approach while the girls in general were more concious of staying inside the lines and being neat.It was really interesting to watch how consistent the difference between the boys and girls was from class to class!


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