Big Ass Meat Loaf!

Last week Caitlin made meat loaf for dinner. She looked up online a recipe for an nontraditional meat loaf. This one had a cornbread, pepper and bacon center and it was topped with cheese. What she did not realize when making it was how big the meat loaf was going to be. So I decided to include some pictures to give everyone an idea of the size it was. This also will explain if I have been looking a little bit fatter as this thing was a beast and quite tasty.

Meat Loafs as Big as your head! Only in Honduras.

Caitlin about to cut into the behemoth.

4 thoughts on “Big Ass Meat Loaf!

  1. Love it. I made some minis this weekend. Of course, the question is how will you bake a meatloaf the size of a rugby ball at 7000 ft altitude?atc


  2. That does sound good though. Bacon in the middle of a bunch of meat? Sign me up. But seriously, can you send me the recipe (I’ll half it…)


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