We Love Visitors!

Jenny and Jeremy came down to visit us too! They arrived the same day that my family left to head back to the States so we had just enough time to pick up the house and make it ready for round #2 of guests.
For those of you who don’t know, Jenny and I worked at Michael’s Frozen Custard together long long ago during high school and then college. Alex worked with Jenny’s sister, Jessica, at Bruegger’s Bagels in high school and then worked for their mom at the Pyle Center for a little bit in college. The first “date” that Alex and I went on (although we didn’t consider it a date at the time) was attending Jenny and Jeremy’s wedding back in July of 2005! Anyway, long story short, we are friends from way back and we were really excited for them to come down and visit.
We began the trip by heading off to Copan Ruinas to see the ruins, the bird park, the hot springs, and whatever else we took a fancy to do. We also spent New Year’s Eve in Copan. After our time there, we headed back through San Pedro Sula and up to the beach at Tela. We stayed at a fabulous hotel and took the boat out to Punta Sal to experience some white sand beaches and see some monkeys.
Jenny and Jeremy were great travel partners…enthusiastic and positive about everything we made them do (and it was a lot)! I’ve tried to pick just a few pictures from each event for your enjoyment:)

Alex and Jeremy both teach social studies so they had a great time discussing all sorts of historical types of things while we wandered around the ruins at Copan.

Alex and I had never been to the bird park before so we were excited to take Jenny and Jeremy there. The bird park is a sanctuary for unwanted birds…mostly birds that were purchased as pets and then people decided they didn’t want them. One of the best parts of the bird park is the interactive area where you get to play with the birds. They were very stinky!

We did the canopy tour right outside of Copan. Halfway through the zip lines you get to see the Sapos, the Mayan birth site. Here we are sitting on the part where Mayan women gave birth in ancient times. Our guide explained that the crocodile form is where the women gave birth, while the frog form is where women sat when they wanted to get pregnant. Jenny and I were very careful not to sit on the frog part.

Jeremy doing the superman!

We spent a lot of time in the back of pick up trucks. The guy in white was one of our canopy tour guides. We ended up hanging out with them later on for New Year’s Eve.

Out for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Day we decided to take it easy and go to the hot springs in the afternoon. They are about 1 hour from Copan on a winding dirt road. The last time Alex and I went there we rode in a mini-bus, but this time they put us in the back of a pick-up truck. We were a little nervous about the lack of comfort (i.e. having to hang on so you don’t fall out), but it ended up being way more fun!

Riding in the back of the truck meant we had great photo opportunities and we less likely to get carsick…two very important things!

Enjoying the hot springs on New Year’s Day.

A view from our hotel in Tela. We weren’t on the beach, but we were the highest point in the whole town which gave us a spectacular view.

Jenny and I on the boat to Punta Sal. We both get seasick and were both pretty much okay on this excursion…go us! We saw howler monkeys, a few of the middle school kids from EIS, and ate a delicious fish lunch. It was a great final day to the trip!

One thought on “We Love Visitors!

  1. We had the best time. Alex and Caitlin are wonderful hosts. My finicky stomach gave out on the biggest travel day of the trip and I felt awful. Alex literally ran to a pharmacy and got me a prescription minutes before our bus left and then found me peanut butter and crackers. It was so fun to see old friends and new places. We can’t wait to plan a trip to Ecuador!


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