We Need A New Name!

We are moving to Ecuador!
Last night we accepted job offers for next year in Quito, Ecuador. Alex will be teaching some sort of social studies position to be determined and I will have 9th and 10th graders for Art.
So now the blog needs a new name….any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “We Need A New Name!

  1. Some ideas;The Quito Happiness (think “key to”)The Quito TeachingThe Quito …..whateverCheeto loves QuitoCheeto hates QuitoCheeto vs. QuitoWe miss Cheeto in Quito…..etc.Kathy/MomP.S. The average high in Quito fluctuates between 18 and 19 degrees C all year long. Talk about no seasons! I guess that is what living on the Ecuator is all about.


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