Nuevos Miembros de mi Jardin

So we have a sticker chart for working out. I know…dorky…yet very me. Alex earns dives with his stickers, but it took me until this weekend to figure out what I wanted with mine! We were walking by a vivero (garden nursery) on Friday afternoon when Alex suggested I use my stickers to earn plants for my garden. Why had I not thought of this before!?!?
For each 5 ranas that I earn I get one plant. Ranas are frogs…the stickers I got for our chart are frog stickers. Alex let me cheat a little and count little plants in groups of 3 so here’s what I got:

I got three of these to place along the wall around our yard. The lady who worked at the vivero said they will grow a little bigger, but not huge. I liked their tropical plastic looking leaves.

I also got three of these. Fun colors!!

A lime tree!!!
It is a Persian lime tree, as opposed to an Indian lime tree and already has one lime growing on it!
Very exciting!!!
You also may be interested to know that a lime tree costs approximately $9.50 in Honduras.

Our lime!

Also, for the same low price of $9.50, we got an aguacate tree! It probably won’t actually produce avocados while we live here, but maybe for the next tenants.

Since I am posting garden picks, here are some updates on my other plants:

I have tomatoes!!!
I counted them yesterday and there are 23 growing right now. The biggest ones are about the size of giant grapes. Iggy has yet to eat any of them, but I’m getting nervous that he just hasn’t noticed them yet.

My carrots are quite the jungle right now. I am dying to pull one up to see how big they are, but I am trying to be patient. How long do carrots have to grow for?!

My purple basil is starting to fill in. It’s a very pretty addition to the garden and I’m excited to start picking it!

One thought on “Nuevos Miembros de mi Jardin

  1. Hahaha so I think I remember junior year when we had a sticker chart on our fridge…You crack me up 🙂 I’m impressed with your gardening skills, but I think you need to post a pic of the sticker chart too!


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