“Sebastian has a chicken in his throat!”
Can you tell that I am often looking quizzically at the kids and asking, “What?”
This time, a seventh grade student had said the above sentence and after my confused look Sebastian corrected him with, “It’s phlegm, I have phlegm in my throat!”
After some further questioning (and a verbal spelling of the word phlegm) the students explained that in Spanish this is described as “pollo” in the throat, or to direct translate…chicken.
I went home and told Alex the story and got a bit more of a straight answer….”gallo” is the actual slang, which is translated as rooster. So apparently my students translated gallo into chicken and then back into pollo. Confused? Me too.
Whichever way you say it though, it requires a trip to the sink so that Miss O’Neal isn’t grossed out by you hocking a loogie.

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