Panama Viejo

The first Spanish settlers created what is now called Panama Viejo on an area of land that juts out into the ocean. An entire settlement was created with a main city and outlying “suburbs” or farms. All was hunky dory until the pirate Henry Morgan came along and burned much of it to the ground, forcing the inhabitants to relocate further into the bay to what is now Casco Viejo.
The ruins of the original Panama City are now in a grassy area, sandwiched between busy commuter roads and high-rise buildings. Alex and I headed there for the afternoon to explore what is left of the city.

The grounds are very well kept up, there were all sorts of gardeners weeding in between the stones of the different ruins.

This tree seems to be trying to take over…

This bell tower still gives a fabulous view of everything around.

Another view.

In the tower looking out at all of Panama City.

Looking out at the ruins and the modern-day suburbs behind.

Old vs New

One thought on “Panama Viejo

  1. Hi you two. I am taking a break from class and looked at your pictures. Oh, I want to hear all the stories and see ALL the pictures. What a trip! You two are great travelers together. Gotta go, she’s ringing the bell to begin. Love ya both!


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