Hunting Caye

This weekend we went to Hunting Caye in Belize. We left Saturday morning and came back Saturday night. While we were there we did a couple of dives. We saw a couple of cool things on the dives but the best by far was the Nurse Shark we saw on the second dive. I could have gotten a better picture of it coming towards me had I left the camera on but I unfortunately had to take a picture of its butt. I got to see the Shark because Jesse saw it first and he was screaming through his mouth piece like a kid on Christmas. When I heard him I knew he had seen something good and with out fail I saw the Shark swimming towards me. It was awesome, but don’t worry I had my knife on hand to stab Jesse with it if the Shark looked hungry (a good recommendation from Grandpa John. They should really include that in the directions). Here are the few pictures that were lucky enough to have made it onto our blog.

Jenna and a French Angel fish

A cool looking stingray that I saw by chance.

A big trunk fish.

The Nurse Shark.

3 thoughts on “Hunting Caye

  1. I read an article this week about a surfer who got pulled under water by a shark. The surfer had the presence of mind to feel along the shark until he found its eye and then poked it in the eye. This made the shark let go. Anyway, perhaps the knife isn’t such a bad, mom


  2. Hey Lopez…cool shark 🙂(I saw the comment on Cait’s bruise blog and I didn’t want you to feel bad…)


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