Dia Civico

The last day of school before Semana Santa was celebrated as a Dia Civico. The middle school had an assembly with student presentations about different aspects of Honduran history. This was all in Spanish, so while Alex found the comedic skits funny, I tried my best to understand, and mostly laughed at how hard all the kids were laughing.
Following the assembly the students put on a kind of festival for the teachers, parents, and the rest of the student body. Each grade level was split up into the different regions of Honduras and was in charge of a booth with food representing that region. For several hours, the students bombarded us with all sorts of traditional Honduran food. Delicious, and the perfect way to spend the last day of school before a week of vacation!

The eighth grade girls looove Mr. Lopez!
Nicole and Larissa are dressed in “traditional” Honduran clothes for bonus points in Estudios Sociales. I say “traditional” because Larissa claimed to be unable to find a traditional shirt to go with her skirt and substituted this one instead.
For Dia Civico students and teachers were encouraged to wear blue and white (the colors of the Honduran flag) hence Alex’s outfit.

One half of the plaza.
These were the 8th grade booths, while the sixth and seventh grade ones were further to the left.
It was about a billion degrees in the sun so I’m taking this photo from under some trees near the edge of the plaza. Most of the crowd bunched up in this area throughout the morning.

Some of our eighth grade girls.

Alex and Jesse are not the only two who dress alike…here are Alex and Ryan in their scarily similar Dia Civico outfits.

Alex and Evangeline
Evangeline is one of the daughters of two other foreign hire teachers. She is in preschool at EIS and came with her dad to the middle school festivities (he teaches sixth grade). Here she is getting a bird’s eye view of the whole scene!

Jesse was a little exhausted by the end of Dia Civico (we all were). Here he is resting on the counter in my classroom.

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