Volcan Arenal

Alex and I on some volcanic rocks…waiting for it to stop raining so we can see some lava! We took this guided tour up to the foot of the volcano. There are all sorts of signs warning not to go further than this point in case of falling lava rocks.

Yay, it stopped raining enough to see some lava!
Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative while we were in La Fortuna. We never got a completely clear view of the volcano, but were very excited when the clouds cleared enough to see this much of it.

The white smoke is where the lava rocks are hitting as they roll down the volcano.
Some of the lava near the top of the picture is still hot and red!
This volcano had a large eruption earlier in the 1980’s and had continuous red lava flowing from it until the late 90’s. Now it just has a few rocks that avalanche down from the peak.

The view from the parque central in La Fortuna. We spent two nights in La Fortuna during the middle of our trip. It is a small town with beautiful scenery all around. We especially enjoyed a little coffee shop with a patio that looked right out onto the central.

A view of the volcano from our “jeep-boat-jeep” tour. Rather than take a 9 hour bus ride between La Fortuna and Monteverde we took a 1 hour van ride to this man-made lake, then a 1 hour boat ride, then another van for 1.5 hours. Much shorter and much more scenic!


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