Island Thanksgiving

Me, Jenna, and Kim at the beach. The water is warm here with a sandy bottom. We snorkeled for awhile and saw lots of different types of fish, a giant starfish, and some kind of crustacean.

This bird lives at the dive shop we used. It seemed to think that Alex’s ear would make a good breakfast.

Don’t worry, we didn’t buy any of that lettuce. Alex just got soda at this small grocery store.

The streets in Utila are very narrow and there are no sidewalks. There are also barely any cars. Most people get around by foot, by moped, or by golf cart. Here we are headed back to the hotel after snorkeling.

Due to a stuffy nose I didn’t do any diving over the weekend. While everyone else was underwater, I sat on the porch at our hotel and read a book. This is the view I had…the mountains are on the mainland.

The walk from town to our hotel included crossing a bridge that gave us this view of the ocean.

A view across the bay near our hotel.

The hotel we stayed at is actually apartments. A friend of a friend owns them and let us put 6 people in a one bedroom apartment. It was cozy, but fully equipped which saved us money on eating out. Plus we had a beautiful porch and we were right on the edge of a coral beach.

Sunset from our own personal coral beach.

Our album cover shot. This is the porch area of the house next to our hotel. The man who lives there was very friendly and offered that we were welcome to use his deck chairs.

2 thoughts on “Island Thanksgiving

  1. Cada vez que veo las fotos en el sitio del internet me preguntó . ¿Que vida tan dificil estan teniendo Caitlin Alex y Jesse? La mejor ventaja que tienen es que no tienen que oir y lidiar con las estupideces de nuestro querido lider.Bueno sigan divirtiendose . Quizas podrían hacer un libro de caricaturas las Aventuras en Hondoland de JAC (Jesse, Alex y Caitlin).


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