TidBit of the Day-La Caseta

The cafeteria at school is called the caseta. The caseta cooks twice per day, once during morning break and then again during lunch. The caseta is a funny place because they have some very traditional Honduran food, but also some very generic other food! The school claims to be working on a “healthy” food motto since they outlawed soda last year….you can let us know what you think about the menu!

For morning break they serve:
-Pastelitos–a pastry shell filled with chunky Honduran cheese
-Baleadas–a tortilla folded in half and filled with beans, cheese, and scrambled eggs
-Donuts–sugar and glazed
-Cinnamon Rolls–but in order to actually get one, you have to say “seeeeneeeemaaahn roll”

For lunch they serve:
-A traditional meal–meat, rice, beans, salad, tortillas, etc.
-Pizza–a different delivery guy each day (Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Little Caesers)
-Nachos–with meat, nacho cheese, and chimole (which is like salsa)
-Tajadas–nachos with plantain chips instead of tortilla chips

At both break and lunch kids can order red and blue slushies as well as juice, milk, gatorade, etc. Most kids eat so much at break that they only have a small snack at lunch and some of the die hard soccer players barely eat at all because they spend all of their break time playing!


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