TidBit of the Day-Pancho

Pancho is the name of the taxi driver we usually call when we need a ride. He is friends with Omar and Jorge (our gate guards) and he is very friendly! He speaks Spanish, but knows several different English words that he likes to practice with us. It is funny to ride with him because he loves to talk, but isn’t so good at talking and driving at the same time (he slows down and forgets to go at green lights). Another quirky thing he does that keeps us entertained is calling Alex for translation. If he picks up someone else who speaks English he will call Alex and have him translate so he understands where his passengers want to go!

2 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Pancho

  1. This completely made me chuckle. Alex is good at a lot of things, Spanish being one of them. Sounds like you’ve made a good friend in Pancho. But you two are pretty good at creating community around yourselves. Thanks for sharing this one;you can keep the carbon paper.


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