TidBit of the Day-Omar y Jorge

We have two guards who work the front gate of our apartment complex, Jorge and Omar. They rotate working 24 hour shifts, switching with each other each morning around 10am. Jorge is pretty shy and often has a lady friend visiting, but we have gotten to know Omar pretty well. He has worked in our complex for over 10 years and he is hilarious! He helps us with our spanish and makes easy jokes that I am actually able to understand. He also likes to wear a t-shirt that says “chick magnet” on it. Their job is to open and close the gate when people need it as well as little things around the complex like turning on the courtyard lights and watering plants. They are both excellent at watching over our apartments when maintenance men come to fix things. Although some guards in other complexes carry guns, Omar and Jorge just have a machete. It’s nice to have somebody who greets us at the door each day when we get home from work!


2 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Omar y Jorge

  1. ok guys – TMI!machetes, guns, sharks, mantarays, hurricanes, broken boat motors……all I want to hear is that you stay inside all day and play video games. ok?i can’t handle the rest.love, mom – kathy


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