Belize Part I

We have so many pictures from this weekend that it may take several postings to fit everything in. As part of our Scuba certification course we took a day trip to an island off of Belize last Saturday. The pictures that follow show the boat ride there, our time on the island, and some pictures of us scuba diving!

This is our dive shop in Puerto Cortez.

A view looking back toward Cortez.

About halfway to Belize we came across an entire school of Dolphins. There were about 50 of them and they came right up to the boat to play!

We didn’t go to mainland Belize, instead we visited this small privately owned island. Apparently some guy from Texas bought it for $3 million and put a “hotel” on it. We felt like we were visiting a postcard!

Alex on the beach!

Welcome to the Island!

The “hotel” was made up of several different huts, some for relaxing under and this one for eating and cooking in. There were also cabins for sleeping and real bathrooms. It was all very fancy for a tiny island in the middle of the ocean!

We think this bird is called a Brown Booby…look at it’s funny green feet!

Here’s me in my scuba gear getting ready to fall backward off the boat! Alex did two dives and I did one. During the first one we saw a nurse shark! There were also lots of brightly colored fish and fan coral that looked like someone spray painted it. While Alex was on his second dive he saw a moray eel!

This is the line up of teachers waiting to get back on the boat after the second dive. It’s not exactly easy to hoist yourself up that ladder with all your gear strapped on!

2 thoughts on “Belize Part I

  1. Wow! I haven’t been able to check the blog in a while…you all have been busy. It looks like you’re having a great time. I’m so impressed with the dolphin picture, and very envious! 🙂 I’m a little worried because I just realized that the hurricane is headed for Honduras. (I’ve been out of touch for awhile…I knew there was a hurricane on its way, but I didn’t know where it was expected to hit land.) I hope that you are doing well and are safe! Take care!


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